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A.J. Rinaldi

Motivational Speaker • Youth Development Consultant • Leadership Coach

John Maxwell Leadership Certified Team

About A.J.

A.J. Rinaldi
John Maxwell Leadership Certified Team

A.J. has served in many roles within the youth services field, from juvenile justice officer, residential care staff to school administrator.

Mr. Rinaldi has devoted nearly two decades to youth care and family services with a track record for creating successful behavior management systems and adding value to professional development.He is an independent certified coach, trainer, and speaker with the John Maxwell Leadership Team.

Mr. Rinaldi is the founder of Pit 2 Purpose, a motivational speaking company that aims to inspire people, empower youth care workers and educators, and transform the lives of youth.

A.J. has an inspirational and unique style of delivering experience-infused techniques with practical strategies rooted in human behavioral science.

Mr. Rinaldi believes that everyone is presented with two choices in life; to remain in the proverbial pit where life places you, or to relentlessly pursue your purpose.



Defining the Difference Maker

Keynote (Most Requested)

What truly comprises a Difference Maker? A.J. Rinaldi will explore key characteristics and critical components essential to those seeking to effect real change. During this keynote address, audience members will be compelled to take a stand in this unique call to action.

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Bring Back Our Village: How Multi-Tiered Systems of Support Can Achieve Instructional Excellence and Create a Positive Culture


It takes a village to raise a child. Now, more than ever, young people need effective support systems.

With teachers leaving the education field at alarming rates, increasing poverty, mental health issues on the rise, substance abuse and addictions, and other societal pressures, our village is under siege. These hosts of issues create a barrier to learning and affect school culture.

This keynote will examine how the use of multi-tiered systems of support can benefit student and organizational outcomes. Participants will learn how a data driven system of evidence-based practices rooted in human behavioral science can increase academic results, reduce behavior challenges and exclusionary discipline all while creating a positive culture and climate for youth and staff.

There are two choices in life, to remain in the proverbial pit where life places you or to relentlessly pursue your purpose.

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Professional Development Masterclasses

Catapult provides educational institutions with highly impactful professional development masterclasses featuring influential thought leaders, subject matter experts, and valuable insights. Our goal is to ignite a tipping point that transforms passive support into active commitment.

What People Say

“AJ’s story was so impactful. I really enjoyed listening to him. What I took away from his presentation is that we can all be leaders and difference makers. We can give learners stewardship and be a positive role in their lives. It must be intentional.”


Manheim Central School District

“The message was so impactful and insightful. It’s difficult sometimes to stay motivated, but Mr. Rinaldi’s presentation spoke to my sense of mission here. I feel re-inspired.”


Youth Care Worker

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